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Detector + Coil + slow, isolating sweeps nets two more Wheaties.

March 09, 2018 01:49AM avatar
After being scolded, or let's just say reminded, by my doctor to not get in a hurry to use my injured left shoulder, I just couldn't resist a brief stop at the vacant lots that I have to drive by on my way home from the grocery store. I used my XLT and Blue Max 600 Concentric coil to hunt some of the outer area where there are a few small spaces with a limited amount of trash.

It was a very pleasant late afternoon, no wind or even a breeze under mostly cloud-free skies and a nice spring-like 62° ... ideal. cool smiley At least the weather was because not a single coin could be found. sad smiley After twenty-four years of using an XLT I know my Bushwhack program and 6½" Concentric coil well, and the densest areas of junk just are not its cup of tea so to speak. I had only a half hour or so before dinner got started so I didn't really have much time to hunt this place, but it has been surrendering a lot of coins that were minted sixty to seventy-five years ago.

I put the XLT back in my vehicle, looked back at the area and figured I could maybe squeeze out another 10 minutes of detecting in some of the littered and weedy spots close to the dirt road that fringes what might have been the edge of where the yard was. I had a couple of my slow-motion, light weight favorites along for the ride as well and needed to get more time in to better learn and master my MX-7's, so I grabbed that new detector with the 6½" Concentric coil mounted.

In the past two weeks I had hunted in and around and about this same general area using 5" DD, and 7" DD coils ... and I have found coins in this general area with those detectors and coils. But the amount of discarded trash, especially so much low-tone iron debris, means you really have to work the area very slowly, using very methodical sweeps, and try to isolate potential keepers from adjacent junk.

The MX-7 w/6½" served me well in that brief ten minute dedicated search with two older coins. Now I know a lot of folks wouldn't jump up and down or think it is all that exciting to recover a pair of Wheat-Back cents ... '45-S and 56-D ... but, if they were there with their detector and coil of choice, maybe they would think differently.

I have "hunted through" this general area a number of times during the past 6 weeks of working this demolition site, and I have seen my older son, Monte Jr., stroll through as well as Oregon Gregg when he visited for an hour or so the other day. That's three of us who have been there with very capable detectors in-hand, but we just didn't work them slowly and methodically using an efficient overlapping sweep to isolate a small coin from a lot of very close discarded junk.

So this is just a reminder that it can be both 'fun' and 'rewarding' to simply slow-down and take our time to be more thorough when working any potentially good site that abounds in unwanted cluttery trash. Naturally, I was hoping for more silver coins but this lot has only surrendered three silver dimes, and they were only Roosevelt's. But it does seem to have a very repetitive supply of Wheaties which hints that the potential is there for more silver to eek out in the future. I'm now up to about forty wheat-backs out of this double lot,

Are you sure you have learned you detector(s) well? Have a good working, smaller size search coil to best deal with dense trash? Employing ample patience to hunt slowly and methodically cover an area more thoroughly while overlapping a lot of the prior sweeps? And also prepared to get in some detecting time more often even if only for brief periods of time, like ten to thirty minutes here or there? All the time we can devote to this great sport means we'll have a better understanding of our detecting outfit, and enjoy more favorable target recoveries by putting in more hunt-time.

Best of success to all this year, and in case you haven't noticed, I am continuing to be more impressed with the design and performance of the new MX-7. It's becoming my favorite light and comfortable-to-use detector. thumbs up


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Detector + Coil + slow, isolating sweeps nets two more Wheaties.

Monte 338 March 09, 2018 01:49AM

When using concentric coils, it is amazing how small of a signal a deep coin gives

Hombre 323 March 09, 2018 11:01PM

Quite true, and that's why I employ ample patience in my serch efforts.

Monte 248 March 10, 2018 12:30AM

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