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Quite true, and that's why I employ ample patience in my serch efforts.

March 10, 2018 12:30AM avatar
That one ingredient, 'patience,' is what I always tell people they need in addition to a decent detector, the right coil for the task at hand, the use of functional settings, and we can't forget 'location.' But a too hurried search can, and will, easily result in a lot of missed good targets.

Back in the good old days when we loosely used terms like '4-filter' and '2-filter' we mentally associated those 4-filter detectors as needing a very brisk sweep sped. Well, initially they did when first introduced to the market in '78, and it took a few years to get better performance engineered into them to allow a more moderate-to-fast sweep. But with a smaller size search coil on a better performing detector, such as a 6½" Concentric on an XLT, you can still slow things down with a more moderate speed with shorter-length sweeps to do a better job of isolating a potentially good target in trashy conditions.

With the more dedicated 2 and 3 filter type designs we have today, such as the MXT series, the MX-5 and the newer MX Sport and MX-7's, we get to take advantage of working the search coils in a slow and methodical sweep, with ample overlapping, and sneak coin-sized keepers out of really dense junk, especially iron.

Even when working in an hour of hunting today on a very trashy lot where they demolished a house, that is getting thinned out quite well, I kept thinking back on those days when I was younger and coins were far more plentiful and I enjoyed Coin Hunting the way it used to be. All the while I inch myself along, slowly and patiently, listening to all the rejected trash while being alert for the slightest hint of a partially masked good target. I've been hunting these types of environments for so long that I don't think I would enjoy wandering out into a city park the way I use to. This is more like precision target shooting and helps you learn and know your equipment better, while honing your skills.

Always listening to hear of a "worked out" site. winking smiley Gives me a new place to go.


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Detector + Coil + slow, isolating sweeps nets two more Wheaties.

Monte 338 March 09, 2018 01:49AM

When using concentric coils, it is amazing how small of a signal a deep coin gives

Hombre 322 March 09, 2018 11:01PM

Quite true, and that's why I employ ample patience in my serch efforts.

Monte 247 March 10, 2018 12:30AM

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