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I enjoyed my XLT yesterday, but I'm really getting tired orf wheat-backs. moody smiley

March 14, 2018 11:18AM avatar
They frustrate me only because there are so many of them this year, but at the same time I enjoy finding them because they are earlier-era coins and alert me there could be silver coins lurking about. I only had about an hour of daylight to hunt yesterday afternoon before I had a meeting to attend, and I had no new place to hunt so I just went back to the double lot a few blocks away.

This time I moved away from the very dense trash close to the demolished house and into a moderately littered area out in the back. Believe me, it is still trashy, just not as terrible as the other areas around there that have a lot more in the way of nails and other similar-sized small iron debris. Day before yesterday I was showing a few things to Oregon Gregg at a different site we were at as to why I like my custom program in the XLT and used to hunt with XLT's very often in more urban environments. Yes, some Relic Hunting use, too, but mostly for urban Coin Hunting tasks.

XLT's with a smaller coil and I always get along together well, and it has been a spell since I have worked an XLT and 6½" Concentric coil at such sites, so I plugged in my Killer B 'Hornet' headphones, fired it up and started hunting. I only had an hour, or maybe push it to an hour-and-a-half, and headed back around to an area I have cruised through but not concentrated on. I visually gridded about a 10X15 foot area, give or take a little, and pulled 7 coins out of it, all WHEAT-BACK pennies.

I can't believe this site is being so stingy with silver coins. I did get a zinc memorial and copper Memorial and clad dime near the vehicle, but all of the older Wheaties, dating to, 1919, were out in the area from the rear of the demolished house towards the alley. I just did a recount after cleaning and carding the Wheat-backs for the binder, and that brings me to 49 of them so far this year AND 43 of them came from this one lot. Forty-three Wheaties, two silver war Nickels, and three silver Roosevelt Dimes plus the typical memorial pennies and maybe a half-dozen clad dimes.

In time I know I will get the search coil over some silver coins. Between now and then I will just continue to enjoy using my White's MX-7's and XLT. They are enjoyable detectors to use, and they work well for the types of sites I prefer to hunt, so I might as well have 'fun' using models that work for me while I put in the time to chance upon some silver.

For those who have one of the better performing former models, don't give up on them just because there are newer models on the market that might be more colorful or have a fancy new name or feature a few new features. Yes, a lot of the newer models do work, and work rather well, but so do many of the models we have enjoyed in recent years.

If they have worked okay for you before, they will likely work okay for you today and tomorrow as well. For me, my favorite is the XLT. Others might have some other discontinued White's models such as a Classic ID or 5900 Di Pro, maybe a 6000 Pro XL aka XL Pro, or more recently the MX-5. Yes, here are some new and impressive detectors in the market the past two or three years, but don't give up on some of those better former models. This is the last XLT I am ever going to buy because this is the XLT I am not going to part with as long as I can enjoy this great sport.

Spring rain has arrived for a few days so I'll just take a break, do some research work, and try to get over my wheat-back irritation and prepare for favorable weather to return next week ... when I'll eagerly be on the hunt for silver instead of copper coinage. MX-7 and XLT are ready to hunt.smiling bouncing smiley


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I enjoyed my XLT yesterday, but I'm really getting tired orf wheat-backs. moody smiley

Monte 360 March 14, 2018 11:18AM

I'm tired of pulltabs in old places,I'd take a wheat cent anyday,

Hombre 331 March 14, 2018 04:58PM

Re: I'm tired of pulltabs in old places,I'd take a wheat cent anyday,

Rich (Utah) 288 March 15, 2018 07:34PM

Yes, pesky ring-pull tabs can be more annoying.

Monte 250 March 15, 2018 10:08PM

Love those Wheaties - smiling smiley

Rich (Utah) 269 March 14, 2018 04:37PM

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