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Correct on many points, George. But I heard sad news.

March 18, 2018 07:34PM avatar
Two years in beautiful Central Oregon and you haven't been out detecting OR FISHING!! A lot of opportunities around you and a very good reason to have moved over there from the Portland metro area. I sure hope this year will be a change and include more detecting as well as fishing. And in both activities that you end up with a lot of 'keepers' as well.

I believe you are referring to meeting Carl Moreland on your trip down to White's. Kind of a shame they lost someone who knew what he was doing, and wanted to do some newer things. Even some 'simple' things like a new 6" to 7" Concentric coil in an open-frame design. He showed me what he was working on when I made a visit to his office, but powers that be halted that to be busy on something else.

It should have been looked at in the past couple of years and engineered, rather simple to do compared to making a detector, and then have an attractive, newer and more 'modern' design small coil to have when they introduced the MX Sport. Instead, they bring out a new waterproof detector with some design pluses, but only a standard, big, 10" DD coil, and optional coils only included the 950 Concentric and 6X10 DD. Nothing smaller size for so many important applications.

Then we finally see them announce a new 7" DD with their name on the decal, only to find out it is made for them by Detech. Oh, it's a good solid coil and it works well, but it isn't a White's coil, and it wasn't a Concentric design. They are just now finally introducing the new Six Shooter.

Slow progress, but at least it is progress. I really hope they are getting everything worked out and will have something new and creative in the coming year. As far as I'm concerned, they can be working on a new top-end model that will eventually take the place of the V3i. Maybe based on the MX Sport and MX-7 circuitry ideas and be simpler than the V3i. Perhaps a model that will be a multi-frequency, even selectable like the Impact and Multi-Kruzer.

I can guarantee they are going to be seeing more multi-frequency detector offerings in the near future, and if they don't work at getting caught up now, then they'll just end up getting farther behind. That stated, I am satisfied with their efforts seen in the new MX-7, and I'll have one or two of mine along with a few other favorites on the WTHO's in April and the two in Nevada in May. My goal this year is to try and make at least one good find on each outing with each of the different models I bring along. That ought to keep me busy.

I know that 'Lonesome Arch' will likely be the townsite that produces the most old coins and possible trade tokens this year. It was definitely the largest of the three town sites we'll be hunting, with a much longer and more active lifespan. My goal this year is to find at least one Seated Liberty coin and one Barber coin, one 'V' nickel and one Shield nickel, one 50ยข piece of any vintage ... and one Indian Head cent for every other old coin I recover. How's that for making it tough on myself?


PS: If you have any questions about that new detector you are getting, feel welcome to e-mail or call me. Except Tuesday as I have one appointment for my shoulder, and Thursday as I'll be having a heart exam.

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Jimmy Sierra

glabelle 360 March 18, 2018 09:14AM

Gee, I guess with your moving and everything you were out-of-the-loop for a while. Attachments

Monte 279 March 18, 2018 02:48PM

Re: Gee, I guess with your moving and everything you were out-of-the-loop for a while.

glabelle 220 March 18, 2018 04:55PM

Correct on many points, George. But I heard sad news.

Monte 281 March 18, 2018 07:34PM

Re: Correct on many points, George. But I heard sad news.

glabelle 208 March 18, 2018 09:58PM

Yes, thats was something else.

Rwjr13 253 March 18, 2018 02:46PM

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