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Standard 'original' search coils compared with similar coils.

March 20, 2018 08:51AM avatar
An interesting topic that we haven't seen brought up very often on any Forum. It is one that I have discussed with several people when we are sitting around and even doing some 'bench tests' or comparisons at a park or in a yard.

I have found that the original coil that came with any of my White's detectors always gets the best target ID and depth, when compared to an identical white's coil of the same size and configuration. I assume that this is due to the manufacturer calibrating and fine tuning the detector at the factory with this original coil.
I guess I'm going to inquire about their production line process used today, but I know most manufacturers used to take the detector, grab a search coil out of a box that came from the search coil production, and hook it up to check the detector's performance. They would then check all of the detector's functions with that coil to make sure everything worked well.

Way back when, many/most detectors were more analog-based circuitry design and had a lot of internal trimmers. Many needed to be adjusted in order to 'calibrate' the Ground Balance (on models that required internally preset Gcool smiley, adjust for an All Metal or Pinpoint mode Threshold audio sound, and even adjust for, or 'calibrate' for a proper Target ID read-out.

With the White's brand, some of the last of those models with several internal trimmers were the Classic series models. It was important to endure the internal trimmer settings were right for the search coil they checked it out with, then the control housing and that specific search coil went together to packaging where they would add any extra rods and hardware and get it boxed and ready-to-go.

Due to the 'modern' detector designs we have that are all digital circuitry, such as the MX Sport and MX-7, or an analog/digital blend like the MXT Pro or M6, most of the adjustments have been done in software. If you mount a search coil that is a tighter tolerance design and it is 'in spec,' then you can hook it up and the detector will work within the design limits. Especially if a model has manual GB, automated GB or auto-tracking GB.

So with virtually everything done with our newer circuitry designs that don't really have any manual internal adjustments to tweak, all that is needed to complete production is add a very functional search coils. If the search coil production makes all of the coils to the same, very tight tolerance, then it usually doesn't matter all that much which coil is grabbed out of the box of coils. Any coil they grab that is 'in spec' and hooks up to any model that then functional within their design limits, is a satisfactory coil. They don't need to pick-and-choose.

You can change coils with models like the MXT Pro and, as long as the coil is within the limits of their design specifications, all you have to do is an automated Ground Balance and you are good-to-go. I just read your post this morning and grabbed a few duplicate search coils to double-check using my MXT All-Pro. Virtually no difference from the stock coil.

Just my thoughts,


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Original coil is always the best matched coil for your detector

Cortus 318 March 19, 2018 06:14PM

Standard 'original' search coils compared with similar coils.

Monte 242 March 20, 2018 08:51AM

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