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Classic series and MX-5 ... I have to agree.

March 25, 2018 08:16AM avatar
I just can not figure out White's marketing reasoning as to why they dropped the MX5.?!%&*({"

Then again, why did they drop the excellent Classic series of 2 filter goodness in favor of the crappy Prizm line???.:
Garrett's "Yella Fella" Ace 250 was the influence that caused the Prizm series to come about. White's felt they had to offer a smaller-size package with more display information to compete. From what I was told on a trip down there, a gal engineered the circuitry and her husband designed the packaging for the Prizm series..

But you're reference to their marketing department is where I think more attention needed to be directed because that was part of the let-down regarding the era of the Classic series. Great detectors, especially the Classic ID and IDX Pro, but White's never really marketed them well. Not to the public or to most Dealers because the bulk of their emphasis seemed to be directed at the upper-end / higher-dollar models.

Since time began, it seems, Garrett Electronics, now Garrett Metal Detectors, as been considered the industry leader in marketing. Back in the latter '80s when I was working at Compass Electronics Ron Mack and I had several discussions about that very marketing topic. You could see it long before then, and continue to see it today. The detectors were not always the best, but marketing is just about unmatchable. We've progressed to the video era and they continue to do well.

All the Classic series really needed was better marketing. To this day a good Classic model can easily hold-its-own against most competitive models with similar simple design features. They should have just concentrated on enhancing a proven performing circuitry of the Classic.

Then out comes the MX-5. The biggest problem with it was that it was kind of rushed to market before it was fully designed to have all the features it should have had, mainly a Lock-Track capability. But overall the MX-5, as you know, is a very comfortable to use detector with ample field performance. The standard coil was an excellent choice, and complemented with a 6½" Concentric the MX-5 is a great all-around, general-purpose detector. Then they discontinue it. eye popping smiley

Their marketing folks ought to take a look at the competition to see how some of them know how to introduce new models and deal with models that will likely soon be discontinued, but in the interim still promote them at a lower competitive price. The good news is that I haven't heard of many, or any, warranty related issues with the MX-5's so if anyone has a good working specimen, it ought to last them a very long time and continue to work well.


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slingshot 255 March 23, 2018 06:20PM

Sad to hear but I'm sure you can fix the problem easily.

Monte 161 March 25, 2018 07:42AM

Re: Sad to hear but I'm sure you can fix the problem easily. Attachments

slingshot 144 March 25, 2018 12:08PM

Re: Ouch!!! It's a good thing that it can be fixed easilysmiling smiley

Hombre 155 March 24, 2018 08:36PM

Classic series and MX-5 ... I have to agree.

Monte 195 March 25, 2018 08:16AM

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