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Jim, here are the US coin results with my 6½" Concentric.

April 19, 2018 05:47AM avatar
I have the prototype coil with the old-style "bowl-shaped" bottom and not the new version flat-bottom and thinner Six Shooter design. However, I believe they should work the same using the same internal Tx and Rx windings and calibration.

I have been planning on making a drive to White's after our Welcome-to-Hunt Outings this month here in Eastern Oregon and next month in Nevada. So it will probably be in early June when I get over that way and have them take a look at my MX-7s and discuss the TID matter with them. As you know, I have the MX-7 and extra coil you sold me, still in-the-box and for sale because I already have two MX-7's and, with all the other detectors I own and use, I just don't have a place for a 3rd.

It's 5:25 AM and I'll double-check my 7" DD coil later this morning on a detecting jaunt. It is out in my Tahoe. I took my #1 MX-7 off my den wall display with the 6½" Concentric mounted and checked it out ... again ... and also took the 6X10 out of the boxed MX-7 and the standard 950 out of my Accessory Coil Tote. Here are the results I got using two of each denomination modern coin and the 6½" Concentric, 6X10 DD and 950 Concentric coils on my MX-7's:

Coin ... 6½"Concentric VDI & Label ... 6X10 DD VDI & Label ... 950 Concentric VDI & Label

5¢ .................. '20' - Nickel .............................. '20' - Nickel ......................... '20' - Nickel

Zinc 1¢ .......... '62/63' - ZPenny .......................'65' - ZPenny ....................... '65' - ZPenny

Clad 10¢ ........ '73' - CPenny .......................... '73/75' - CPenny/Dime ........ '73/75' - CPenny/Dime

Clad 25¢ ........ '79' - Dime .............................. '80/81'- Quarter .................... '80/81' - Quarter

Note the results in red. With my 6½" Concentric, the Clad 10¢ pieces gave me a '73' CPenny read-out, but with the elliptical DD and 950 Concentric I got a mixed reply of '73' CPenny to '75' Dime. I had to use several target samples to see that the labeled Copper Penny range goes up to '74' and the labeled Dime range is '75' thru '79.'

Note, also, that I found that I got a '79' most of the time with my 6½" Concentric coil when using a 25¢ piece which, like you, produces a Dime labeled read-out. Occasionally it would jump to '80' and that is the lower-end of the labeled Quarter read-out range when using my 6½" Concentric coil. The 6X10 DD and 950 Concentric coils usually produce an '80' or '81' read-out with out 25¢ coin, and that is just at the very bottom-end of the "Quarter" read-out.

Also note that I seldom refer to the denomination labels (Nickel, ZPenny, CPenny, Dime or Quarter) because I mostly hunt in very iron contaminated sites with a lot of dense, closely-spaced targets and TID is seldom 'accurate.' With all my detectors I refer just to the numeric VDI response and only my MX-7's have a target name association in the display that stands out so obvious. My CoRe's, Relic's, Racer 2's .. yes, I own and use two of each just like my two MX-7's .. only give me a numeric read-out. My one Impact and one Multi-Kruzer also feature just a numeric VDI response.

So it has only been with my MX-7's that I noted this little issue between VDI and labeled name responses and figured I'd just bring it up on a trip over to White's. I'd rather walk in the door when they open and ask them to fix it for me than have the delay in mailing it off to them.

I want my detectors in-hand and hard at work having fun than in-transit and sitting around for repair. That is perhaps the one thing I miss the most about moving from over there in Western Oregon to way over here just 19 miles from the Idaho border. I can't make a handy drive to the White's factory for accessories I want or service I might need.

You're welcome to print this out and show them my results as well, and that is using two different MX-7's.

Let me know how things go after your trip over there.


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MX-7 finds more wheat-back cents and old toy car.

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Re: MX-7 finds more wheat-back cents and old toy car.

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Jim, here are the US coin results with my 6½" Concentric.

Monte 392 April 19, 2018 05:47AM

Re: Jim, here are the US coin results with my 6½" Concentric.

DirtDigger 381 April 19, 2018 09:40AM

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