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Sometimes it's the little things that matter, and now the bigger size White's is using means a lot.

June 07, 2018 03:37AM avatar
In this case I am referring to the search coil cable used on the new 'Six Shooter' search coil for the MX-7 and MX-Sport models. It's a change is size and change is color as well. My XLT and Classic ID White's coils were made with the gray colored cable that was rather thin. You could almost call it 'skinny' compared to coil cables used by many other manufacturers. The coil cable on my MX-7's standard 950 is the same thin, gray cable, but the 7" DD coil made for White's by Detech is a thicker-sized cable and it is also black in color.

I like my equipment to be as durable as possible but also as attractive as possible, and the thin gray cable on my prototype 6½" Concentric coil just didn't look good with the black and Bengal-orange rods whereas the thicker black coil cable of the 7" DD from Detech had a much more appealing look to it. I brought that up in a discussion with Tom B. at White's several months ago and he told me they were making a change and the new 'Six Shooter' Concentric coil would reflect a move to a thicker sized black coil cable. That was before they announced the new coil to be released.

When I bought my new 'Six Shooter' Concentric coil for my MX-7 I also ordered in several packets of the coil cable clips (2 clips to a package) because they fit firmly and help keep the coil cable in place and wrapped securely on the rod. I bought enough to cable-clip all of my detectors, from Makro, Nokta and Tesoro, as well as my White's devices and that prevents floppy or slack coil cables, and they all look better now. And the clips work well/better with the heavier-duty coil cables than the thin sizes that are used on my older White's coils or those from Tesoro which are also of a thinner size.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on White's move to a little bigger and sturdier coil cable, now in black, for the new 'Six Shooter' coil, and also mention that the coil cable clips from White's work very well. Much better than the clips that came with my Nokta FORS series models that were a bigger-size clip, too loose and twisted around on the rod or easily popped off. I don't have that problem with the coil cable clips from White's I have been using for over six months now.

Sometimes it is the little things that get overlooked by a manufacturer and it is great to see some of these things get addressed.


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Sometimes it's the little things that matter, and now the bigger size White's is using means a lot.

Monte 410 June 07, 2018 03:37AM

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