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You have pointed out two differences to consider, and there are more.

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My feeling was the shooter coil would get closer (from the side of the coil) to poles, etc.
This is one point to consider, in that the elliptical White's 4X6 'Shooter' is a Double-D design, and that means there can be a different influence on the EMF if the coil is moved towards the metal pole/structure from the left side or right side as one side has the Transmit winding first to be effected and from the other side is the Receive winding to be effected. The "working portion" of the search coil is the overlapped section running from front to rear down the center portion of the coil.

Due to the differing effects of the outward windings of the Tx and Rx coils, we see the difference in everyday behavior when we compare in-the-field performance of a Double-D to a Concentric designed coil. As a rule, a Concentric can provide slightly better depth, and also due to the uniform EMF around the coil due to the placement of the outward Tx winding, there is a more uniform field all about the search coil that provides us with a tighter numeric VDI read-out, and they do much better at handling ferrous based trash.

A Double-D, due to the configuration of the internal windings, not the physical shape of the coil, we generally might see a little more spread in the VDI read-out, even to the point of being 'jumpy' and more inconsistent based on if the coil sweep is from the left-to-the-right or from the right-to-the-left. Additionally, DD coils do not handle nails and other ferrous-based trash as well as a comparably-sized Concentric coil.

My sniper coil on my Ace is actually less sensitive on the toe of the coil than the other sides and I have found targets next to these type of barriers- almost touching them.
A second thing to consider is the search coil size. The Garrett Ace 'sniper' coil is a 4½" diameter, round, Concentric design, whereas White's 'shooter' (now a misused name perhaps) applies to several search coils. In the case of your MX-5 I believe you're referring to the elliptical 4X6 DD coil. Different size and different type.

Let's not forget that the coils are working on detectors that have markedly different circuitry design and sensitivity levels, operate at different frequencies, and the manufacturing of the coils is also different so far as inner coil windings, size and placement.

I was just curious as to whether the eclipse coil would "sound off" near these objects.
Let's clean up the use of the term 'Eclipse' because that simply relates to the metal detectors that can use the Eclipse series of search coils.

Then we also ought to consider the use of the term 'Shooter' because that has already been used in the industry to refer to various search coils, of different size, different shape and different internal winding configurations. Through the years some other manufacturers have used the word 'Shooter' to relate to a coil of about 5½" to 7" of either DD or Concentric configuration, and different shapes.

Looking at White's website today you'll note that there is also a roundish shaped 7" Double-D called the 'Shooter' for the MX Sport and MX-7 models. They have used names like the Blue Max 600, 5.3 Black Max, 5.3 Bullseye and 5.3 Eclipse for various coils to fit different detector groups, and are all using the same round-shape, 6½" diameter housing for the internal Concentric winding. But the newest release for the MX Sport and MX-7, using the same housing but with a flat bottom half, is called the 'Six Shooter.'

Due to their multiple use of the reference to 'Shooter' we need to clarify which specific search coil we refer to.

So, back to an answer to your question: Yes, the Eclipse 4X6 DD search coil will sound off near any metal object, or at least the EMF and circuitry will be affected by a nearby metal object ... however, you might not hear the response if the metal object:

(a) is Discriminated or
(b) causes an overload on a detector that doesn't produce an audible response for an overload.

In some playgrounds for example, detectors can be very responsive to some metal poles, mildly reactive to others, and there are some where you don't hear an audio response at all, or hardly any, and it is all due to the type of metal used, as well as the size/diameter of the pole. But even if you don't hear a beep doesn't mean the metal pole is not having some effect on the EMF.

I guess there are really a couple of things to be done to efficiently hunt a site with a lot of poles and other metal structures. One would be to use the smallest and best suited coil for the detector you have, reducing the Sensitivity/Gain as needed when working very close to the offending metal. The second thing to do is have a different detector or two, properly coil equipped, that seem to do a better job at that specific task. That's why I have several detectors in my Regular-Use Detector Team, each outfitted with s smaller-than-stock coil because those are what work best for me in most applications, allowing me to pick-and-choose which model(s) I feel give me an edge when needed..


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I forsee a shooter coil...

slingshot 512 July 05, 2018 07:04PM

The 6½" Concentric coil would make a great gift idea ...► for Christmas in July◄

Monte 396 July 08, 2018 09:07AM

Re: The 6½" Concentric coil would make a great gift idea ...► for Christmas in July◄

slingshot 347 July 08, 2018 07:31PM

You have pointed out two differences to consider, and there are more.

Monte 428 July 09, 2018 04:33PM

Re: You have pointed out two differences to consider, and there are more.

slingshot 358 July 09, 2018 07:07PM

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