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A response for 'desertsmith.'

August 01, 2018 05:01AM avatar
Thanks Monte, I think the 7 would be the ticket for Sports Fields that I hunt and some sand volley ball courts.
When you say '7' you are referring to the MX-7 and not the 7" DD coil, is that correct? Yes, I think the MX-7 would handle those needs as I know mine has worked those and many other types of sites quite handily.

I use the Mojave tot lots and a lot of quick check places,...
For thirty-five years now I have favored any of my favorite Tesoro models for tot-lots and other quick-hit places using a 6" or 7" Concentric coil. During that period of over ⅓ of a century, Tesoro's have produced more gold and silver jewelry for me than all other makes and models combined, so I sure can't argue with your decision.

... the Patriot with the snake coil for sectional work, and the 11 inch for larger areas.
An OK 2-coil combination, if it works for you, but I have different model and coil choices, if you are referring to very trashy sites when you say 'sectional.'

I can team up my Nokta FORS CoRe w/'OOR' DD and either a 5X9½ DD or standard 7X11 DD; Makro Racer 2 w/'OOR' DD and either a 7" Concentric or 7X11 DD; White's XLT w/6½" Concentric and 950 Concentric; modified Classic ID w/5½" Ferret Concentric and 8" or 950 Concentric; MX-5 w/6½" Concentric and 9" Concentric; or quite often now my MX-7 w/6½" Concentric and 950 Concentric.

The problem is I don't like the waffle coils like the round concentric coils for finding jewelry.
By 'waffle' coils you mean the open-frame or so-called spider design? I don't have any problems with either an open-frame or a close-coil design for most jewelry hunting. Only on some occasions when working sites with short, stiff brush that can occasionally snag an open coil.

Also I like the looks of these new whites Mx7 and they appear to be simple to use. HH
I like the looks as well. I liked the MX-5 a lot when it came out and it was a favorite Coin & Jewelry Hunting unit in my arsenal, preferring it to the MXT Pro and many other models I had then. The MX-7 uses a very similar configuration with four noteworthy differences:

1.. I like the 'Bengal Orange' color scheme they chose.

2.. They moved the ¼" headphone jack from the side of the control housing to the rear of the battery housing.

3.. They used a different control box and display.

4.. The new circuitry design incorporates several added adjustment functions, including search mode options, and memory retention of the GB setting if using Track Locked.

In addition, you can make Threshold adjustments and Sensitivity adjustments 'on-the-fly' without going into an options setting routine. I feel it is definitely a very good model in White's current detector offerings and a real value for the MSRP price-point.

The MX-7 is perhaps my single model favorite for all-around applications, but I still admire the MX-5 enough that I added one back into my Regular-Use Detector Team, having an XLT, modified Classic ID, MX-5 and MX-7 representing my favorite White's products.


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Mx7 with stock coil, balance,emi,performance?

desertsmith 336 July 31, 2018 02:10PM

Opinions after ample time afield with a favorite White's, the MX-7.

Monte 285 July 31, 2018 03:44PM

Re: Opinions after ample time afield with a favorite White's, the MX-7.

desertsmith 249 July 31, 2018 06:37PM

A response for 'desertsmith.'

Monte 284 August 01, 2018 05:01AM

Re: A response for 'desertsmith.'

desertsmith 236 August 02, 2018 08:14PM

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