American Heritage Research & Preservation Society

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American Heritage Research and Preservation Society (AHRPS) is an organization providing services for the metal detecting community. Our specialities include:

  • Education and Hands-On Training
  • Discover Metal Detecting (101 course)
  • Exploring Metal Detecting (201 course)
  • Discover Site Surveying
  • Discover Artifact Preservation
  • Research Case Studies
  • Regional Shows
  • Metal Detector Sales

On our site you'll find:

  • Educational tutorials in our Tips & Techniques section
  • Discussion Forums:
    • General Metal Detecting
    • Traditional Coin Hunting
    • Relic / Old Site Hunting
    • Buy / Sell / Trade
    • Announcements
  • Historic site updates
  • Metal detector demonstations and product reviews
  • Free-to-the-public Detector Owner Rendezvous gatherings
  • Competition hunts
  • Annual, open-to-the-public 'Welcome-To-Hunt Outings'
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Join our efforts educating the metal detecting community, maintaining open access to historical sites, and securing permits from land owners.